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International start-up competition for the start-ups mastering the disaster.

APPLY IF YOU ARE an entrepreneur, who developed an extreme business idea or run a business under extreme conditions. The applicant must be the author or owner of the business idea in respect of the Intellectual Property right. The business idea shall be commercial and have a value or process learned from an extreme situation or targeting it.


1. 8-weeks educational program online (see details here) training you for your business development and successful contest application!
2. Contest participation and feedback on your business concept from the international jury!
3. A chance to become one of the contest finalists and participate in an exclusive program for finalists provided by judges. You will be also invited to pitch at the contest and win one of the prizes!
4. If you will be selected for the final round you will get your participation fee back!


Send us your registration here
Transfer the $50 participation fee – if you will be selected for the final round, we will reimburse your fee !
Work on the educational materials and…
Become the best start-up mastering the disaster!

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